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Prof: Anjael Hebron
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 Kindly read these guidelines



This is where I wish to reinforce the privileges and rights of the patients. These patients could be mine or anyone else referring or considering any other Doctor/Health care provider. My desire is to educate the innocent patients of various loopholes and negative situations that constantly plague the healing communities and any country or practice. I have also tried to summarize of my families and my various  experiences with various so-called high profiles but, very bad and rude practicing doctors with no actual respect to the healing profession.As an Ex professional Medical Allopathic Doctor, I have ample background and practice to offer my opinions with a scientific basis.


Kindly read through each point written herein and should you feel the need to refer me on any matter don’t hesitate. It is not necessary to be my patient in order to neither benefit from my counseling nor pay me any hidden fees or laurels. My main motive is establishment of respect and humanity to the healing profession.


  1. It is thine privilege:- to ask as many questions required for you to be at ease with your doctor/care provider. Ask one million questions and be thoroughly satisfied. No one should ever stop you from asking important questions


  1. Thou shall be sure to clarify questions regarding the doctor/care providers credentials, education, past medical history & healing and all clinical practices. In my experience I have found many so called big doctors get highly irritated when their patients ask such of them? If you doubt anything suspicious kindly report to the local safety society or any protection forum at once.


  1. Thou shall love: -There are many doctors who behave very rudely with patients and casually answer important questions. If you encounter such professionals kindly report them or spread the word around of such mal practices


  1. Thou shall not sign: any documents regarding your treatment without going through the documents and in the presence of a family member unless your doctor/care provider and you have a mutual bond of faith and believe as such for this act could lead to some very serious complications. Note:- I was a patient for surgery in an hospital in India due to my previous martial arts involvements and I was supposed to have signed a documents which stated “ The doctor & hospital shall not be responsible for any blood transfusions/ or reactions arising from injections” I highly protested and inquired who the hell would be responsible if “ Infected AIDS/STD & Contaminated blood would be transfused into my body? Please be aware of such loopholes and it is the duty of any hospital or doctor to confirm the blood healthy. If you encounter contra to this please report at once with ample proof and evidence


  1. Kindly remember: No matter whoever the doctor/care provider is, he/She may have been educated at the “Heavenly University or the Austrian Cemetery” does not guarantee proper and safe treatment. Whether it is a so-called eminent Allopathic Doctor, Homoeopathic doctor or Naturopathic. Every healer is responsible for his/her respect towards all.


  1. Kindly refrain from:- and report doctors/care providers who voice unreasonable or ludicrous statements. Note:- My relative and me went to an highly decorated surgeon who stated to her as “ we are like gods in our profession”? Remember such doctors/ care providers are ones in super ego and need strict reprimands.


  1.  I am against the viewpoint:- of some practices en vogue ie “ First pay my consultation fees and then you’re given an appointment” I don’t support this mode and would like that patients can consult the doctors/care providers for an short introductory consultation and then if the patient likes the physician can pay his/her legal fees. This way one can have the correct doctor for treatment. If I did not like the doctor but still had to shell out my money that would be like wasting. At my clinic I readily offer that first one should come and have an initial session and decide if I am eligible and fit for the patients treatment.


  1. Thou shall remember:- doctors and healers are not God nor magicians. They all have to constantly be on their toes to effect cures and it is very important for patients to follow every prescribed rules of the physician to the word. Many patients don’t follow guidelines properly and then blame the doctor, this is not a challenge or a game


  1. Please make sure: - you get exactly what you have paid or paying for:- I am witness as a patient myself for dental surgery where I underwent RCT procedures for my teeth’s and gums  for injury from fighting and I paid a hefty amount upfront without a proper document of what I am receiving and end result was the so called highly educated Indian  dental surgeon from USA gave me more trauma then I could handle, wrong treatment against my protests and shunned me later. I wish I could have sent this fellow to jail but only in India such are common procedures. My friend in London had her very good healthy teeth’s extracted and given fillings so that the dentist could get money from the filling companies. I had this fellow reported at once. There should be a proper record of what you pay for is what you get”


  1.  Kindly have the courage: -to report any malpractices you may encounter in society


  1.  Make sure: -your doctor/care provider is genuinely kind and concerned about your health. He/she should be able to confess if their education does not permit them to treat a certain malady. He/she should be able to refer you to other well trained individuals and should confess not knowing everything they were not taught to be


  1. Refrain from:- any doctor/care provider who makes personal statements other then required for treatment purpose. Note: - my relative went to one Vietnamese doctor in Canada who made remarks about “ your earrings don’t suit your face or style of clothes”. Please have courage to tell such practitioners on their face that its none of their business and to concentrate on medical issues.


  1. It does not matter: - what kind of medicine you take, Allopathic, Homoeopathic, herbal or nutritional, there are certain limitations and effects of all maybe, some are very safe and its effects are non –toxic like homoeopathic and nutritional but Allopathic chemical drugs and herbs may have some rather unwanted effects. Herbs unless decocted and had in its safe assimilative form can cause many adverse effects and of chemical drugs, I feel everyone are aware. Make sure your doctor/care provider discusses these with you beforehand


  1.  Love thy neighbor: -The doctors/ care providers presence should reflect high ethics, very friendly and composed personality, ready to answer and see you through any problems or questions. Be ready to sit in discussions with your family members or other doctors/ care providers you might be seeing. Always complimenting healing in all senses.


  1.  Millions of doctors, health care providers, paramedics and rural practitioners are passing out in multitudes, is it necessary that all of them go on to become really genuine healers or care givers? Those who are deeply motivated in service of ailing humanity and understand all about healing laws are certainly the ones who shine the brightest


  1. This is the last point: - healing is indeed dynamic and very noble profession. Any true doctor or care giver should and won’t ever condone or look down upon any other practitioner  except in the case of misled ego or education. I am speaking from the viewpoint of having been an Allopathic Medical Doctor as well as a practicing physician with Homoeopathic internal medicines and other allied subjects. Each subject matter or healing modalities being practiced has not come in sudden urgency but rather after many hundreds and sometimes thousands of years of experience and actual cures. It is better we respect and accept things which we don’t know, have not been educated or exposed to, keeping positivism and open mind for the doctors sole aim is “CURING THE PATIENT”.

 Please remember i am always ready to help and advise if you are serious and also if you are having problems with some doctor/care provider. I did not become a doctor to make it rich, I became a doctor for my souls call. Please email me of any problems you might encounter and i wish and desire for a beautiful safer and healthy CANADA.


In Dedication and with Gratitude







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