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Services & Fee's

Meet & Greet Prof.Anjael
Services & Fee's

NOTE:- "Please be informed - I am not providing the Homeopathic services at the moment respecting the new Ontario Homeopathic College laws and those of my country"

Kindly check with what you need help with.

"New Distance professional services

       added-check below"

Initial Doctor of Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Natural medicines & Naturopathy, Acupuncture consultation & Inclusive of 1st dose of Medicines - 80 $(reduced)existing patients will get 20% discount.


[This includes an in-depth analysis of your case preferably with some family member present. Hands on check up, a routine full body checkup if needed, treatment and healing discussed and "EXPLAINED" in great details, answering any questions you want to ask, whatever they might be. Checking the doctors CV, certifications and qualifications. Diet & nutrition related queries, filling up a medical questionnaire, time taken 15 minutes - 1 hr] depends on case

Follow ups- 2nd - 50 $, 3rd follow up - 30 $ thereafter

[This will be at your sole discretion unless advised by the DOCTOR OF OSTEOPATHY , NATURAL & NATUROPATHIC MEDICINES , HOMEOPATHY , ACUPUNCTURE. Follow-ups are necessary to further or hasten your relief and improve your condition. This might include additional medicines or procedures as deemed fit according to your condition.]

Cosmetic / Aesthetic procedures:-
Natural facelift remedial consultancy
- 150$-

[This  is offered after evaluating the patients psychological condition, severity of facial skin condition and is completely natural process 100%, use of rare earth herbs and blends, precious botanical oils, Low level pulsating light lasers, , basic diet counseling, few important exercises and daily regimen.

One might not need more then 3 sessions but the maximum is 5 sessions in a span of 3-6 months] effects are seen in 1 weeks time with decrease in wrinkles, corners of eyes and smile line , facial skin beauty and glowing texture and in 3-4 weeks of post process care gradual lift of up to 50%!

Arthritis package - 5 sessions plus affordable low cost long term treatment mode -250$

[This service is in a full package devised by Prof.Anjael, the minimal costs involved so the aged and parent like people can benefit from it. It involves high profile diet control, natural medicines like homeopathic, herbs and nutritional supplements/ advanced forms of massage, electro-therapy tools, Infra Red Light treatment, etc. Special exercise is taught, massage therapy is discussed. On this one 5 sessions is a minimum for this is a dreaded disease and takes time according to the condition]

[This is a full body Swedish & Indian & Chinese martial arts system mixed massage which tones up the whole system thereby preventing many would be conditions and acts as a tonic to the body and mind]

Basic Shiatsu therapy - for 30 minutes; 30$

Complete Shiatsu therapy - for 1 hour; 90$
Is a very comprehensive and powerful program and not intended for weak hearted.

[Shiatsu is an ancient traditional Japanese way of massage and acupressure based techniques related to the study of Martial Arts. It utilizes combination of pressure, assisted stretching techniques similar to physiotherapy, massage, acupressure, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, these all help in making the body heal itself using ones own bio electrical powers]

Zonal Reflexology therapy- 30 minutes & 15$

[Reflexology is a scientific evidence backed modality, which focuses on meridian points of acupressure mainly in hands and feets. These are known as reflex zones. Stimulation of these via massage by a trained reflex therapist enhances immunity and well-being]

Body & Skin beauty care - x consultancy sessions 200$ -

[This service is based on expert counseling, diagnosis, diet & nutrition, use of herbal and homeopathic medicines adjunct approved nutritional medicines, explanation of skin programs and procedures. Sessions depends on the patients conditions as always] 

Classical Yoga classes - per month, 4 classes

[Those who wish to train and benefit from being taught under a lineage master of traditional classical yoga and spiritual exercises. The doctor might conduct personal classes according to the times available and concerned seekers]

Sports & Body Building training consultancy - [Those interested in any kind of sport and want to excel, guidance shall be given by Prof.Hebron himself who is an ex south east Asian martial arts champion fighters trainer and any kind of sports people can benefit from this consultancy program]

Natural Veterinary Medicine -
[Consultation for my animal friends are done free! yes and in the name of Divine Cosmic. Basic cost is only $ 25 for all medicines and if the animal becomes a friend then medicine is free on Prof.Hebrons. All rules regarding Veterinary Medicines can be disposed with Just for Love!]

Stress management program

Kindly email us for the services you require and we shall reply back with costs and answer any questions to your benefit

Thank You
Prof (RDr)Anjael Anjan B

More services - for Long distance,

overseas & global clients


100% safe Anti- Age rejuvenation program [please inquire at the clinic via email or phone] costs 1500$(consultantcy& medicines) installment available


Long distance / Telephonic / Net services -

Medical Intuitive / remedial reading via phone- 100$ per hour- attemtps to un-ravel hidden medical problems within the psyche and body.


Telephone -Homeopathic consultations & remedies - 70$


Remedial life situation based Stellar Astrological reading- reading for 3-5 years or more- 150$


Medical astrology reading - 75$- deals with finding astro basis for diseases and providing remedial measures.


Para & Psychological Counselling - 70$- for those who are effected by strange incidents or require counseling.


Spiritual Counselling& Reading  - 70$- for those who seek answers to thier spiritual practices, Biblical guidelines or religious doctrines.

Payments can be made via paypal to

with accurate DOB , time, place of birth and specific areas of enquiry.

I practice complete ethical based professional work and always try to walk with you.

Nothing replaces trained medical care or advice.

NEW PHONE - 519 367 5330

"Please be informed - I am not providing the Homeopathic services at the moment respecting the new Ontario Homeopathic College laws and those of my country"