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Comparitive Study - Conventional Medicine & Bio-Medicine

Prof: Anjael Hebron
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This page is about the ill effects of so called modern Scientific Allopathic drugs in comparision to SAFE bio- medicines or original complementary medicines which have proven itself time after time. You can clikc on these links and pages given below to read the various websites and educational pages on the subject matter and how world over various conventional doctors after realizing the basic dangers of conventional medicine have started using SAFE medicines

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My Beloved "Julie"

 My Beloved Julie- was a beautiful lesser known breed of Tibetan Labrador / Tibetan Mastiff, jet black with lustrious shiny coat and a lucky dog with 4 white socks and awhite breast.She came to me from the Royal kingdom of Bhutan and i fell in love with her ever since.She was the kindest soul i ever met and always with a smiling face and shining eyes. People used to call her Jolly for bieng so happy.She was my mothers soul companion and my younger sister..................................

On 6th Februaury 2006 i have lost her love and companionship due to the trecherous vindictive act of her custodian.I was not even informed she was sick and she died in the company for foriegners.I shant ever keep anyone ever again and a big part of me has vanished.

She was my best friend for 14 long years and it was amazing she only took my medicines and kept well for so long.I know she is playing in Gods garden and i seek her blessings, love and kindness to succeed in my life AMEN!

I LOVE YOU JULIE FOREVER..............1993 march -2006 Feb

A black dog; Size=240 pixels wide

Name of Another Pet

Here I'll add information about another of my pets. Again, I'll talk about how I first got her and then describe some of her habits.

A cat; Size=240 pixels wide